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EPDM granules

Dusty grey Ral 7037

Turquoise green Ral 6016

Light blue Ral 5012

EPDM infill

Beige brown Ral 8024

Turquoise blue Ral 5018

Pure white Ral 9010

Pale brown Ral 8025

Heather violet Ral 4003

Iron grey Ral 7011

May green Ral 6017

Lemon yellow Ral 1012

Sand yellow Ral 1002

Light ivory Ral1015

Ivory Ral 1014

Rose Ral 3017

Pale green Ral 6021

Agate grey Ral 7038

Gentain blue Ral 5010

Blue lilac Ral 4005

EPDM granules are made from natural or synthetic rubber. They are used for making self-leveling rubber flooring. The actual flooring is prepared by mixing and applying two components- EPDM granules and adhesive.

EPDM granules are used  for sport and leisure surfaces and as infill to artificial turf.

Products we offer are:

•             Durable;

•             Elastic;

•             Safe for human health and environment;

•             Resistant;

•             Available in different fractions;

•             Available in different colors;

•             Sound absorbing



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