Rubber tiles ”Square”

Rubber tiles ”Flex”

Rubber tiles ”Block”

Rubber tiles "Paver"

Rubber tiles with EPDM

Rubber curb

Rubber tiles for stairs

Rubber tiles ”Puzzle”

Rubber tiles ”Hexagonal”

Rubber tiles  ”Hexagonal” are made from SBR granules. They are available in three different colors: black, green and red. Rubber tiles are secured to the subfloor with a polyurethane flooring adhesive.

Rubber tiles for gym "Puzzle""

Rubber tiles for gym

The shock-absorbing rubber tiles have many good qualities:

 • affordable price  

 • opportunity of partial replacement  

 • safety  

 • easy installation

 • endurance                 

 • aesthetic look                      

 • variety of types, colors and sizes

Our products have a high level of resistance to heavy impact loads, slip and falls, changes in temperature, fire and burn.

They are made of  SBR or SBR with EPDM layer.


 • playgrounds         

 • sport facilities      

 • garden paths and alleys

 • houses or villas    

 • sidewalks              

 • garages

 • fitness centers

 • shopping centers

 • swimming pools  

 • service centers



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